The Health Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas or also known as infrared sauna therapy or Waon therapy is a new age kind of sauna where the heat source comes from an infrared source. This infrared source can come from either the heat lamp or even from the sauna heater itself. The infrared waves are then absorbed and dispersed by the body cells to produce heat. The body then experiences this heat as radiant heat that is then felt by the human body. Saunas heat the human body mainly through convection and conduction by the hot surfaces and also by radiation from the heated walls of the sauna room. In this way, the infrared radiation kills the bacteria in the sweat and also the bacteria in the skin that cause diseases like acne.

An infrared sauna near me session usually lasts from two to three hours. Usually, a traditional sauna session takes half an hour to one hour. After the completion of the whole session, the sauna user will be required to take a rest for several hours. It is then time for the sauna user to cool down. There is also an option to do another session of about fifteen minutes within the first session to achieve the same result. This can be done if the initial session is a bit too much for the user.

An infrared sauna session can be done with the use of either an infrared sauna bench top unit or a traditional infrared sauna bench. These can be used in any commercial sauna facilities around the world. Commercial infrared sauna facilities are now making use of LED lighting to enhance their appearance. Traditional infrared saunas usually have blackouts and the lights are always on. Now these facilities are using LED light therapy lights that give a warm and soothing effect to the users.

Some commercial infrared sauna facilities such as the one at use sound machines during the infrared sauna session. Commercial facilities that use the traditional lights provide soft music that helps the users relax. The lights often come on when there is a significant amount of sweat on the body. When the lights turn off, it is a signal to the users to cool down. The music helps greatly in getting the users to remain calm.


Many people who have been using traditional saunas have reported being able to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of sweating. The main reason why people start sweating when in the traditional saunas is because they are in a hot environment. The infrared saunas have lower temperatures and hence, less chance of causing sweating. Many people also use the infrared saunas to help them in losing weight. Sweating when one is working up a sweat is not good for the metabolism and can cause weight loss.

Another benefit that is reported by users of infrared saunas is that it is able to detoxify the user. A detoxification process is one of the most important benefits that traditional saunas can provide. Traditional saunas have high levels of saturated fats and these fats are believed to cause heart diseases. They also raise the levels of cholesterol in the blood. An infrared sauna uses a heat source to heat up the air around the user and this air then carries the toxins that are present in the body. These toxins are then carried away through the sweat that is produced as a result of this detoxification process.


At, you will get some insights about infrared sauna therapies.

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